Frequently Asked Questions

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No, but this is a common misconception! Lightning protection systems and lightning rods simply intercept a lightning strike so the rest of the system can guide the electric current safely to the ground.

Our lightning protection systems for homes are hardly noticeable, yet they protect against lightning strikes from all angles.

Some insurance companies offer a premium deduction just for having lighting protection. They do this because they know lightning protection makes a structure that much more secure against the common threat of lightning strikes.

While it is likely that you experienced a lightning event, it is more likely that you home took an indirect strike, or lightning struck somewhere else and damaged your possessions by entering your home via an electrical or other service. You may often hear us refer to this as a surge. This is where service bonding and surge protection comes into play.

A company who has been in business for at least 5 years, has at least 1 Master Installer/Designer, is listed on the Lightning Protection Institute’s (LPI) website and is listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL).


Yes! We offer free evaluations for residential and commercial properties. Just contact us here.

We do not recommend this. Once a system is installed, it is highly recommended that you have your home or business inspected by LPI so that you may receive a Master Label Certification. Because these other trades are not qualified to install lightning protection, it is unlikely that they will install a quality system that will pass the certification process.